On A Quest For Good Fashion : Exploring Seven Forms of Sustainable Fashion

7 forms of sustainable fashion - Changemakr Asia
Sustainable fashion has become a buzzword and  highly debated (even in  Vogue) since the 2013 Rana Plaza disaster. Generation Z is leading the #fashionRevolution and ask suppliers #WhoMadeMyClothes. Journey towards sustainable fashion has started.
Many of us talk about sustainable fashion without even comprehending the phrase completely. As we learn more about “sustainable fashion”, we soon realise that there are many forms of (more) sustainable fashion. 
Here is a easy guide to help you understand the seven main forms of sustainable fashion : 
7 forms of sustainable fashion
7 forms of sustainable fashion (image credit : ChangeMakr Asia)

Be Part Of The Change : Create Your Own Sustainable Fashion Journey 

Ideally, all aspects of the elements above should be combined for every new garment produced, in reality it is still a long way to go. Each individual need to find and form his or her form(s) of more sustainable fashion based on their individual preference. Not all forms will suit all people equally. however with an overview of the options available, it is easier to make a choice. 
No matter the choice, aligning ourselves with at least two of these forms can respect ethical and ecological standards while continuing to enjoy fashion. 
Ask yourself if you can improve your clothes shopping habits and help to accelerate the development of sustainable fashion.
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