Nurturing Indonesia’s Future : The 1000 Days Fund’s Innovative Approach Against Stunting and Malnutrition

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With stunting having long-term repercussions on the life and health of future generations, Initiatives like the 1000 Days Fund and the Kader Coalition represent monumental strides towards this objective. 
The formidable 1000 Days Fund pledges to eradicate stunting and chronic malnutrition amongst Indonesian children. Through a keen focus on bolstering health literacy and the proficiency of healthcare workers, the initiative anticipates significant strides in ensuring optimal child development and nutrition.


Understanding Stunting in Indonesia

As defined by the WHO, stunting is the outcome of poor nutrition, frequent infections, and inadequate psychosocial stimulation, leading to impaired growth and development in children. The condition is identified when a child’s height-for-age is substantially below the WHO Child Growth Standards median.
In 2022, Indonesia observed stunting in approximately 21.6% of children under five, translating to around 4.6 million affected children, with East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Province being the most impacted (35.3%).

The 1000 Days Fund  Initiative

The 1000 Days Fund is steadfast in its commitment to annihilating stunting in various Indonesian regions by amplifying health literacy in communities and enhancing the skills of healthcare workers. The organization has forged strategic partnerships with entities like the National Population and Family Planning Board (BKKBN), local governments, and Integrated Healthcare Centers (Posyandu) to accomplish its mission.
Key Strategies
  1. Establishment of Stunting Center of Excellence (SCE): Positioned in four regions in NTT, the SCE is not only a beacon for the local communities but also a training hub for healthcare professionals dedicated to stunting prevention.
  2. Distribution of Innovative Tools: The Fund actively disperses height posters called Poster Pintar and smart blankets, designed as multifunctional instruments to aid stunting prevention.
  3. Capacity Building Through Kader Academy: This initiative aims to empower healthcare workers and volunteers with essential skills and knowledge.
Funding and Interventions
Halting the detrimental effects of stunting is no small feat; it necessitates a meticulously coordinated effort from stakeholders spanning various sectors. One viable strategy that emerges as pivotal in this intricate tapestry of anti-stunting initiatives is the fostering of robust public-private partnerships. These alliances could significantly amplify the funding required to propel the anti-stunting initiatives forward, thereby bringing them to fruition.
The Indonesian government has been anything but passive in the face of the stunting crisis. To date, it has rolled out eleven specialized intervention programs dedicated to curbing stunting rates across the nation. The 2023 fiscal year sees a substantial commitment from the national coffers, earmarking over $1.9 billion to sustain these crucial programs. These initiatives meticulously zero in on both pre- and post-natal phases. The prenatal focus extends from a woman’s teenage years through pregnancy, while the postnatal phase encompasses both mothers and their infants, aged between 0 to 24 months.
The Kader Coalition
The recent launch of the Kader Coalition in Indonesia marks a significant step in collective action against stunting. The coalition emphasizes the professionalization of Health Cadres (Kader Kesehatan), crucial for the effective implementation of public health programs. To boost the quality of community-to-community interventions, our Health Cadres need to transform into the ‘5T Cadres’, which are:
  • Terampil (Skilled): Through regular capacity building and certification
  • Terawasi (Supervised): Performance oversight by healthcare professionals and local government
  • Terlengkapi (Supplied): Provision of standardized anthropometric tools and other essential equipment
  • Tergaji Layak (Salaried): Receiving fair incentives based on workload and performance
  • Terjamin masa bakti (Sustained): With official appointments detailing the duration of their service
With stunting having long-term repercussions on the life and health of future generations, concerted efforts are imperative for achieving Indonesia’s vision for a golden generation by 2045. Initiatives like the 1000 Days Fund and the Kader Coalition represent monumental strides towards this objective, actively working towards a healthier, stronger future for all Indonesian children.

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