Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge 2023 Is Now Open!

The Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge 2023 aims to empower young entrepreneurs and students to harness innovation in protecting the ocean.
Calling all undergraduates, post-bachelor students and young entrepreneurs… entries for the Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge (MOPC) are now open. By participating in this competition, young people will have the chance to pitch their sustainable business ideas to a jury of experts.


Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge 2023

Since 2018, MOPC has offered a platform for young entrepreneurs to showcase their sustainable business ideas and champion the protection of the oceans. Over 200 students have participated to date, vying to convince a jury that their business idea prioritizes the oceans’ wellbeing. Each entry requires a submitted business plan and a one-minute video presentation that explains the concept and its positive impact on the oceans.
Innovation and creativity are essential components of the competition. Past winners have introduced novel concepts, such as phone cases made from recycled ocean waste and luxury textiles manufactured from recycled plastics. Participants are not only required to demonstrate their commercial acumen, but also bring novel and refreshing ideas to the table, backed by a thorough business strategy and financial plan.
The 2023 edition is open to all university undergraduates, graduates, MBA students, and young entrepreneurs who are creating a company or have created one in or after 2021. 

How to get involved?

Applications are now open for the competition’s 2021 edition. Potential competitors must be a Bachelor, Master or MBA university student or a young entrepreneur.
What do I have to Submit ?
Registered teams 
By March 24th, 2023
  • An executive summary
  • A Power Point presentation
Selected semi-finalists 
By May 2nd, 2023
  • Business Plan
  • 1 minute video

How will the jury screen your business plan ? 

Verify and substantiate demand for your product or service, based on market research and a thorough analysis of relevant data;
  • Make sure the impact and the potential of your business concept are global, not local;
  • Create a positive and measurable impact on the ocean.
Submit your application befor 24th March 2023.
Make a difference and register for the Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge today. Join the fight to protect our oceans and secure a sustainable future !