Microsoft APAC AI for Accessibility Virtual Hackathon 2020

Microsoft AI Accessibility hackathon (image credit : Microsoft / ChangeMakr Asia)
Over 1 billion people around the world live with disabilities. But only 1 in 10 have  access to the assistive technology they need. Microsoft APAC is hosting the first virtual AI for Accessibility hackathon. Find the full guide for the event here. 
Are you inspired to build solutions that empower people with disabilities (PWDs) with tools to support independence and productivity? 
Microsoft APAC is  harnessing the power of AI to amplify human capability for more than one billion people around the world with disabilities through their first virtual AI for accessibility hackathon. 

AI for Accessibility  

We all can agree on that technology has been opening doors for individuals with disabilities, form motorised scooters to hearing aids, for a long tim. And in the coming years, AI will facilitate these efforts with new abilities and expanded access. With at least one billion – plus people with disabilities around the world, there is plenty of work to be down – and a large market to tap into. 
This time, AI can empower people with disabilities with tools that support independence and productivity, as technology rapidly changes the way we live, learn, and work. And, this may just be the beginning. 

People with Disability 

According to WHO over a billion people, about 15% of the world’s population, experience some form of disability, but only 1 in 10 have access to the assistive technology they need. 
Disability Stats microsoft /changemakr asia
People with Disability (image credit : Microsoft AI for Accessibility)
Daily life – how can we increase access to technology for people with disabilities while also decreasing the cost of such technology ?
Accessible and affordable technology allows people with disabilities to participate in an inclusive society and economy. A solutions for smart cities, transportations and education can improve daily life for people with disabilities. 
Communication and connection – how can AI help improve the speed, accuracy, and convenience of communication for people with disabilities ?
For people with disabilities, assistive communication tools are critical. Communication challenges can affect any of us, at any time, based on temporary, situational, or permanent issues. 
Employment – How can we positively impact the employment rate for people with disabilities through more intelligent technology ?
Globally, the unemployement rate for people with disabilities is 2 – 3 times that of people without. AI can improve engagement in the workplace via projects that leverage shared data and tools to empower this untapped talent pool. 
Which challenge resonates you the most?  Find real-life problems statements provided by non-profit organisations here 

Microsoft APAC AI for Accessibility Virtual Hackathon  

Microsoft is calling all businesses, developers, startups, and university students in 11 countries to participate in their first first virtual AI for Accessibility virtual hackathon. 
Find out the important dates and on demand session for the Virtual Hackathon :  
Launch – October 16th 2020
The goal is for teams to develop prototypes of AI solutions that can transform the daily life, employability and communication for people with disabilities.
Registration close – October 30th 2020
Pitching Your Idea – November 3rd 2020
Need some help with your presenting skills? This session will focus on how to confidently pitch your ideas and concepts in a clear and engaging manner. Learn how to use the art of storytelling and pitching to persuade and sell your idea to others and help build your team. This session will also cover off how to present your final presentation to help increase your chances of winning.
Mission canvas due – November 6th 2020
Final Presentation – November 18th 2020 
All the on demand sessions will be made available on the community along with many more sessions to be announced. Check out  all the available sessions here



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