Love Food Not Waste !

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 Love food not waste ! 
Food is essential for all life on planet earth, including human life. We need food to nourish ourselves and to sustain us. Now, more than ever, it is critical that we make conscious and wise choices when deciding how to grow our food. We need to protect our planet and make choices that will help it to thrive not cause it more damage.
Not only is it pivotal that we make good choices in how we grow and manage the production of our food, we should also be making good choices in the food that we choose to eat. Eat food that is nutritious and healthy. Food that will give you energy and life !
Making good food choices is not only restricted to developed and modernized countries, rather, all countries and cultures can be more conscious in the decisions they make. Everyone can make a difference! All of us can support our local communities and find the most environmentally friendly and economically friendly ways to grow and harvest food.
Here are few simple things we can immediately implement to secure our future : 
Just right portion
When you eat at a restaurant consider asking for half a portion if you'r not feeling too hungry, or take your leftovers home !
Love your leftovers
If you have leftovers, freeze them for later and find ways to use it creatively for your next meal.
Online ordering : don't rely on it
Online ordering of produce or groceries tend to lead to over-stocking. Reduce dependency on ordering food or groceries. it contributes to increased emissions form a transportation, increased plastic waste and is certainly not good for your health and your wallet in the long run.
Simple meals win !
Learn to cook simple meals. Get your family members, especially younger ones interested in cooking from an early age. It is a life skill that is important for our health and wellbeing.
Know your food & eat local !
Know where your food comes from and support your local farmers. Food tastes fresher and better due to lesser transit and storage. Eating local also means that you reduce your carbon footprint. When you buy from local farmers, it builds up the community by generating income that can be spent on other local businesses.
Grow your grub !
Grow whatever little food you can in your home. A window sill can support a few herbs, chilies, and tomatoes. There’s great pride in growing your grub, however small your harvest may be. This is the best going-organic strategy you can do since purchasing organic food is not reducing your carbon footprint.
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