Let’s work together : What Biden Presidency Means For Climate Change

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After days of uncertainty, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won the US election 2020. What this historic win means for climate crisis, inequality and social justice in the country and beyond. 
For days, people around the world have been glued to the White House race. It is not just the US that the election of a new president affects – a new in the White House can transform the country’s policy and  its approach to critical issues such as climate crisis, racial justice and inequality. 
Kamala Harris : The Many Identities of Intersectional Feminism  
Born in Oakland, California, to two immigrant parents – an indian-born mother and Jamaican-born father – her parents divorced when she was five and she was primarily raised by her Hindu single mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris, a breast cancer researcher and civil rights activist. 
From the earliest days of her childhood, Kamal harris was taught that the road to racial justice was long.  
From almost every angle, Harris embodies the Democratic Party of the 21st century: a biracial child of immigrants (who is herself in an interracial marriage) who rose to political prominence from a base in San Francisco, a diverse, globalized hub of the emerging information economy. She spoke often on the campaign trail of those who had come before her; of her parents, immigrants drawn to the civil rights struggle in the United States – and of the ancestors who had paved the way for this moment. 

Yes sister, sometimes we may be the only one that looks like us walking in that room, but the thing we all know is we never walk in those rooms alone - we are all in that room together

Kamala Harris will become the first woman and first women of color to hold the vice presidency office, a milestone for a nation in upheaval, grappling with a damaging history of racial injustice exposed in a divisive election. 
In her victory speech, Kamala Harris spoke of her mother and the generations of women of all races who paved the way for this historic  moment.

While i may be the first woman in this office, i will not be the last. Because every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities

We believe that Kamala Harris’ historic win will empower all future generations – that anyone, no matter their backgrounds, can hold their head up high and the sky’s the limit. 
Joe Biden : Road to Inclusivity and Sustainability 
As soon as CNN called the election of Joe Biden in the late Saturday evening (GMT +8) , it felt like a surge of positive energy and unbridled joy flooded both online and offline, that feels like it marks the end of “grim” era and the beginning of new era. For many  who have felt uneasy with President trump, it was much-awaited moment of optimism and jubilation. 
The veteran Democratic politician, who will take office in January 2021, has promised to be a safe pair of hands for the world.
While many of us know that there are many systemic problems that wont be disappeared by one election, Biden’s presidency means positive change for the country and on the world stage. The coronavirus pandemic, climate change, systematic racism and rising inequality are among the issues that the new presidency has to handle ASAP.
We know that Biden presidency alone cannot save the country. It requires some accountability for our actions too. 
Moving forward,
The battle against climate change, systemic racism, rising inequality are complex and requires multiple solutions. While  effective government policies re key to enabling and accelerating efforts to tackle these issue, each individuals can also do their part.
By transforming the way we do things today, we can game change these issues, together. With 
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have the chance to bring necessary changes from inside the White house. 
Our best wishes to President-Elect Joe Biden and VP-elect Kamala harris. Here’s hope to hope, sanity, humility, and kindness. The world needs a strong leadership roles working together to fight COVID-19, climate change, and address rising inequality.
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