“Let’s Walk My Journey” Hybrid Art Exhibition: Open Call for Asylum-Seeker And Refugee Artists

Refugee Art Exhibition
Open call for asylum-seeker and refugee artists 
At the global level, the meaningful participation of refugees in decision-making processes has been strongly promoted. RDI UREF is glad to support the aforementioned meaningful involvement by encouraging you, asylee and refugee artists, or anybody with a displacement past, to share your story with the world.
RDI UREF is pleased to welcome you, asylee and refugee artists, to show your work at the “Let’s Walk My Journey” hybrid art exhibition. This art show aims to inspire asylum seekers and refugees to participate meaningfully.


“Let’s Walk My Journey”Hybrid Art Exhibition

The RDI UREF is planning a hybrid art exhibition called Let’s Walk My Journey launching in August 2022. This project is coordinated by RDI UREF (Resilience Development Initiative) and funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering. 
Let’s Walk My Journey” hybrid art exhibition would like to get the visitors assimilated with the first point of view journey that has been experienced by ASRs. The term Journey here refers to the wholesome journey, not only on their journey when they are forced to flee their origin country to another country, but also their life journey on how they live their new beginning.
RDI UREF invites asylum seeker, refugee, and displaced  artists from Indonesia and abroad, who are interested in telling the world about your journey through arts, to submit their work. RDI UREF accepts different forms of artistic expression. 
If you are interested, please fill in the form through https://bit.ly/interestedtowalkthejourney or contact us through teresa.arsanti@rdiuref.org or WhatsApp +6285743007006 before 3 April 2022. Only those who fill in the form will be contacted for further information. 

Lead image courtesy of Обкладинка

The article was initially published on 28th March 2022.