KampungKakis : Keeping The Kampung Spirit Alive in Singapore

kampong spirit (mural by : Yip Yew Chong)
KampungKakis reignites the kampung spirit by pairing elderly and vulnerable residents with volunteers based on proximity and needs. 
13 November marks World Kindness Day, an international efforts to commit to promote kindness act towards people and planet. World Kindness Day presents us with the opportunity to reflect upon one of the most important and unifying human principles. On a day devoted to the positive potential of both large and small acts of kindness. To highlight the good deeds in the community focusing on the positive power and the common thread of kindness which binds us.  

Kampong Spirit     

Kampong meaning “village” in the Malay language, kampong culture refers to a neighbourly spirit rooted in the country’s humble past – that sense of camaraderie and caring for one another and one that binds the people of the nation. Good things are shared, and budders are carried. it is also about a connection with nature; it is an unspoken honour code: and a way of living that values simple joys and being in the moment. 
While the olden kampung days Singapore might have all been buried in rapid development and gleaming facade of modern metropolis, a group of young Singapore decided to keep the kampung spirit alive.  
Meet the organisation keeping the kampung spirit alive in modern Singapore, KampungKakis

KampungKakis Initiatives      

KampungKakis is a ground-up initiative; a neighbourhood buddy system to support the elderly, low-incomes families and vulnerable residents based on proximity and needs. 
KampungKakis wants to bring back the kampung spirit of give-and-take and watching out for each other in our community.
The interaction between kakis-in-need and volunteers would be in the same way as we would while interacting with friends during COVID-19. Via KampungKakis platform, kakis-in-need and kakis within the same community can find one another and connect via calls unless to assist any individuals who has a physical or mental disability, or is below 12 years of ages or above 60 years of age, with his or her daily needs. 

How KampungKakis Works       

KampungKakis’ buddy system ensures that kakis( volunteers) stay (close to) home. Once matched, phone number will be exchanged between kakis. 
Kakis and kakis-in-need will be encouraged to connect via calls unless necessary e.g. delivering groceries / meals to the door (taking precautions and follow COVID-19 safety guidelines). 
Kakis can provide help as simple as : 
  • lending a listening ear, sharing information, navigating available resources
  • picking up groceries, sharing a portion of your meals
  • lending your laptops to a financially-disadvantaged child. 
KampungKakis Volunteer Signup (image credit :KampungKakis)
KampungKakis Volunteer Info (image credit : KampungKakis)

How To Get Involved        

KampungKakis are still looking for volunteers. SIGN UP HERE to help needy residents in your neighbourhood. 
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact KampungKakis team at KampungKakis@gmail.com, For more or WhatsApp at  +65 9482 9462