Islands of Faith Review – Reconnect With Nature Through Religion


Looking to binge-watch without the guilt this week ? check out the latest documentary titled Islands of Faith (or or to use its original title, Semesta)

Islands of Faith talks about climate crisis through the eyes of faith and religion. Set up in seven different provinces in Indonesia, this documentary captures seven people that does different things for nature to help fight climate crisis based on their faiths

This is an eye-opening documentary that truly persuade us to take an active role in protecting and preserving nature. At the same time, Islands of Faith also provides a hope and positive outlook towards people and communities in many parts of Indonesia.

Over the course of 90 minutes, Islands of Faith takes the viewer to seven different islands, and features the beliefs/faith/religion of the local people, and how they view conservation within the confines of their religion.

Islands of Faith portrays each of these seven provinces, telling each of these seven stories. From the most remote village in Indonesia to the urban population, each person and community coming together and taking action to preserve the nature and tackle climate crisis.

It’s about believing as much as it is about taking action. Like how during Nyepi, the Balinese Hindu ceremony, the daily carbon emissions of the island of Bali is reduced by 30,000 tons, cutting the island’s daily emissions by a third. Or The village of the Dayak Iban people is situation within dense forests, which is divided into zones of usage and protection. The people there consider it a duty to protect their forests.


Similarly,The village imam in Aceh reminds the people that the jungle belonged to the elephants first and that to live in harmony is the way of God. Whenever wild animals enter and destroy the villagers’ crops here, instead of reacting negatively, they hold a prayer and make peace with nature and god.


It is a mind-blowing to watch how religion plays a critical role in the communities to come together and doing good deeds. People come together and use their sacred texts to preserve nature.

It’s an absolutely unique perspective that never been explored before.

What an impactful message, hence this documentary is highly recommended !


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