Into the Digital Beyond:’s Million-Dollar Journey Through the Technological Frontiers of Asia-Pacific NGOs

XTC Indonesia 2022
Dial up your digital expertise. Amplify your impact.
A bold undertaking, dedicatedly earmarking $1 million to endow NGOs with the artillery of knowledge in spheres of artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, data analytics, and robust impact assessments. With approximately 50 NGOs from 11 countries, including pivotal organizations like Singapore’s Mandai Nature and the Haribon Foundation of the Philippines, the initiative strives to encompass them in a cocoon of year-long, incisive training and mentorship.


Bridging the Digital Gap: A Necessity Underlined by Reports

According to the APAC NGO Digital Capability Report, unveiled by Infoxchange, an alarming digital proficiency deficit is spotlighted among NGOs, with a mere half of the surveyed entities expressing confidence in leveraging technology to augment their altruistic pursuits. Furthermore, a more sinister underbelly is revealed in the realm of cybersecurity, particularly in areas like Indonesia, where one in three NGOs have reportedly succumbed to cybersecurity breaches.
With the inception of this initiative, cybersecurity emerges as a paramount theme. David Spriggs, Infoxchange’s Chief Executive, lends his voice to the discourse, accentuating the imperative of refined cybersecurity protocols, safeguarding not merely data but also guiding NGOs in navigating through the nebulous realms of emerging technologies. The inaugural phase of the collaborative program – the APAC Digital Transformation WebCon – addresses this very concern, with sessions curated to shield organizations from the omnipresent cyber threats.
The first phase of the webinar program will tackle cybersecurity. The sessions will cover how to protect organizations against risks and threats:
Future sessions will cover digital marketing, cloud collaboration and migration, and data analysis and optimization.
The initiative unfurls as a beacon, a guideline toward enhanced digital literacy and capability among NGOs, shaping a future where technological empowerment and social missions seamlessly converge, casting a wider net of impact across the undulating terrains of the Asia-Pacific.