How Can You Stand With Mahsa Amini who was killed by Morality Police?

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What Mahsa Amini’s death could mean for women’s rights. The Liberty Society explains. 
On September 16th, 2022, a young woman was visiting Tehran, and the police arrested her for allegedly violating Iran’s strict dress code that women are required to wear hijabs. Her name is Mahsa Amini, and her story of being mistreated by the authorities has riled up the younger generation of Iranians against this repression enacted by the government. 


Demonstrations surged, fighting for more rights and freedoms, and people were killed during protests. The persisting gender inequality over how women lack access to the resources they deserve is one reason why Liberty Society stands – we fight against outdated oppressive regimes that force refugees to leave their own country by providing them a secure home. 

What’s next?

Her story shows why it is important to push for women’s rights throughout regions that still hold on to outdated beliefs that only reinforce gender inequality. As a fellow citizen of this Earth, it is also important to become educated about issues like these and help give a voice to those who are oppressed. 
What can we do as global citizens to support women like Amini, who need to have her rights as a woman? Here are ways to stand with Mahsa Amini:
1. Raise your voice & Sign a petition
The Internet in Iran has been experiencing heavy restrictions as locals have been turning to VPNs to access them. When used correctly, social media is a powerful tool where we can all gather to voice our stance against gender inequality loudly.
2.  Show solidarity, support and donate to social organizations that promote gender equality
  • Girls Can Lead (GCL), a non-profit organization based in Indonesia that fights gender inequality by equipping young women with leadership skills through training programs. 
(image credit : Girls Can Lead Indonesia / Facebook)
  • Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT), an IPC charity based in Singapore empowers economically challenged women into sustained employment which enables their families to improve social mobility.
3.  Support Refugee-Led Organizations
As the UNHCR is the leading global organization dedicated in saving lives and protecting the rights of refugees, there are many refugee-led organizations making a difference. That’s what we are too.
In Liberty Society, we help bring opportunities to women who have been oppressed by the fear of gender-related violence and stuck in cycles of poverty. We do this by providing upskilling opportunities through our House of Freedom as we create corporate merchandise and apparel that does good for the environment. 
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