Hack For Future With Startup Weekend Global 2021

techstartup weekend global
Join the largest, wildest and most impactful startup event of the year.
The world is facing unprecedented challenges like never before. Will our future generations get to be a part of the world we live in? Everyone needs to take action, and everyone needs to do something about it now.



From 12-20 November, join the largest, wildest, craziest and most impactful startup event of the year. Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities with fellow dreamers and doers, and let startup magic happen at Techstar Startup Weekend 2021.  
Over 9 days, join forces with our global community as thousands of youths, developers, scientists, and advocates come together to learn, hack and build ideas that can change the world. Get inspired as you meet with global leaders, tech visionaries and startup mentors who will be there to guide and teach you every step of the way.
techstartup weekend global
image : techstartup weekend global
Startup Weekend is present in over 160 countries, across 1,800 cities and has successfully hosted more than 7,000 events to engage with over half a million aspiring entrepreneurs.  
Startup Weekend Global is the platform for you to build the next generation of startup ideas that can change the status quo. If you’ve been a part of Startup Weekend before, you know that extraordinary perks, prizes, and opportunities of a lifetime await the brave and the bold. Startup weekend helps entrepreneurs succeed. Startup Weekend is no stranger to kickstarting impactful and revolutionary startups – all of which have gone ahead to write success stories of their own. So when you join the event this November, you won’t be alone in this revolution.


Hack for Posterity
Learn more about the global theme here 
Revv up and get ready – we are going to connect digitally and shape history from our own homes this November! Bring your friends and family, we are going to need all the help we can get to create the biggest impact we can achieve.
Head to Startup Weekend Global website for more information. 
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