Go With The Flow (GWTF) Campaign Aims To End Period Poverty

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Help low-income menssurators in Singapore get through their periods dignified and worry free. 
While lack of access to period products is typically associated with menstruators in other countries, period poverty isn’t just someone else’s problem. It’s happening right here in Singapore.  
When menstruators don’t have access to period products, not only do they not feel protected, but it also puts their confidence, dignity and education at risk. They’re less likely to be able to participate in their education & other activities, and if they are, they’re likely to feel distracted and unable to focus on reaching their full potential. For that, Go With The Flow  (GWTF) aims to end period poverty in Singapore through sanitary pad donation and distribution.



In order to make all period products accessible, Go With The Flow (GWTF) Singapore launches a donation drive to bridge access gap to menstrual healthcare and eradicate period poverty in Singapore through sanitary pad donation and distribution. 
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While Go With The Flow (GWTF) distributes menstrual care packs every month to disadvantaged individuals identified by different social service organisations and mutual aids networks islandwide in Singapore. 
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From now until 5th October 2021, you can drop off donations of menstrual healthcare products (sealed packs of sanitary pads / new reusable period products) to the following locations : 
1. Braddel Heights Community Centre (CC) 
operating hours : 10 am to 10 pm daily
2. Kampong Ubi Community Centre (CC) 
Operating hours : 10 am to 6 pm daily 
3.  FairPrice Xtra @ NEX Exit area 
operating hours : 24 hours
4. The Green Collectives – Funan Mall #02-18 (next to The Period Co. shelf)
Operating hours : Mon – Thurs/Sat & Sunday : 12 – 8 pm, Friday : 12 – 7 pm 


To maintain safe distancing measures, we invite donors to make online donations. You can make a purchase for (disposables / reusables) pads on any online site from today until 5 October 2021 and request for delivery to two partnering community centers (Braddel Heights CC or Kampong Ubi CC). The partnering community centres are now accepting deliveries on behalf of those donating – now until 5 October.
All boxes (Fairprice @ NEX, Braddell Heights CC, Kampong Ubi CC, The Green Collective @ Funan) still remain open for physical drop-offs!
Go With The Flow Online donation
Image : Go With The Flow (GWTF) Singapore
You can also support Go With The Flow (GWTF) cause to help bridge menstrual healthcare access to disadvantaged communities in Singapore by volunteering with them. For more information, write to them here.  


Go With the Flow aims to bridge the gaps in access to menstrual healthcare for low-income communities. We do this by collecting donations of menstrual healthcare products and distributing them to low-income communities in Singapore
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