Global Goals Factivism To Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Global goals factivism
Global goals activism is way to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Here’s why you need to know about it and how to take action. 
Global goals activism is way to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. 25th September 2020 marks the 5th anniversary of the Global Goals. To mark this journey towards Sustainable Development Goals, we are sharing with you ten up to date about the states of our world right now and take an active role to reset our word for the better. 

What is Global goals ? 

Simply put, it is a blueprint for a better and more sustainable future outlined by the United Nations in 2015 and agreed to by 193 countries. The 17 life-changing goals address areas of importance to humanity and the planet such as reducing poverty and inequality, improving education and healthcare, combating climate change, ensuing clean water and sanitation, and sourcing renewable energy by 2030. These goals are built on the principle of “leaving no one behind” and realised through worldwide partnerships and cooperation. 
In order to achieve these global goals in the next 10 years, we need accurate and up-to-date information.

Factivism & Sustainable development Goals 

One thing we have seen significant progress in the past five years is the availibility of data. Without accurate, timely information on issues such as air pollution, displacement, health, and so on, we would have no idea whether we were getting closer to achieving these global goals. Even more, we have no idea where we needed to concentrate our efforts over the next 10 years.  
Data can uncover patterns of inequality. For instance, that only 17% of world leaders are women, or how unequally wealth is distributed around the world. It highlights the scare of human development challenges – that at least 715 million still live in extreme poverty and nearly a billion people worldwide do not have enough to eat.
Data also shows us what is happening to the world around us – the quality of the air we breathe, the pollution in our lakes and rivers, or the carbon being emitted into the atmosphere. 
Factivism - hunger (image credit : factivism/globalgoals)

How you can take part? 

Data, on its own, does not change world. It is, however,  a hugely powerful tool for each of us who seek to overcome and dares these challenges. As we are celebrating “factivism”; we all can agree that using accurate, timely data to bring about meaningful change in the lives of people all around the world. 
To play your part in Factivism movement, you can : 
1. Visit SDGs Today data hub. You can check and find out real-time global and national data on a range of SDGs indicators. 
2. Learn more about  factivism here and put a spotlight on what’s happening in the world right now and take action to help reach the Global Goal 
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