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Do you have an idea that could help solve a societal problem? Are you wondering if starting a social enterprise is the best way to go forward? Introducing Bamboo Builders’ very first regional education programme of 2021 – Social Entrepreneurship in ASEAN! 
Ever wanted to start your own social enterprise in SEA, but lack the necessary know-how and connections? Join Bamboo Builders’ first ever regional educational programme of 2021 – Social Entrepreneurship in ASEAN !

Social Entrepreneurship  Programme 

In this programme, you will be exposed to Bamboo Builder’s ideation framework of starting your business with social causes in mind. There will be opportunities to network with like-minded youths from other ASEAN countries, and to learn from veteran social entrepreneurs! Finally, a certificate will be presented to you at the end of the programme.
The programme’s hybrid learning environment will ensure optimal gain! After all, there is no better way to learn, other than by getting your hands dirty and experiencing it for yourself.
The programme is spread among 4 weeks (1.5 hours each) to provide each participant with necessary resources to kick-start their own social enterprise journey.
Bamboo Builders | ChangeMakr Asia
(image : Bamboo Builders / Facebook)
Bamboo Builders is  looking for the top 3 candidates per country who show drive and keenness in starting their own social enterprise, so hurry sign up now!
Bamboo Builders | ChangeMakr Asia
(image : Bamboo Builders / Facebook)
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ABOUT Bamboo Builders  :

Bamboo Builders is a distinctive social enterprise that builds social entrepreneurs. We do this by working with urban and rural schools throughout Southeast Asia to build future-ready leaders of character who are community-grounded, yet relevant for the ASEAN region. In Singapore, we’ve harnessed experiences gleaned abroad to equip local budding social entrepreneurs with problem-solving mindsets and lifeskills through field applications.
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