Funding Green Tech : Hydroleap Secures $4.4M to Revolutionize Wastewater Treatment in APAC

Fuelled by the funds, Hydroleap will enter new APAC geographies like Australia, Japan, and Indonesia, over the next two years to help manage wastewater in the region. 
As environmental change and geopolitical uncertainty intensify, Singapore confronts an escalating water crisis. The city-state has a goal to meet 55% of its water demand via recycling by 2060. Among the innovative startups rising to this challenge is Hydroleap, a green technology firm pioneering advancements in wastewater technology.
Hydroleap’s proprietary process harnesses electrochemical techniques to eliminate up to 95% of pollutants in industrial wastewater. The firm also claims to reduce water discharge in cooling towers by an impressive 70%.


US$4.4 mil in Series A round

Recently, Hydroleap has raised a fresh $4.4 million in a funding round led by Real Tech Holdings. The funding roster also included notable investors such as Mitsubishi Electric, Seeds Capital, Wavemaker Partners, New Keynes Investments, and The State Government of Victoria.
This financial infusion will propel Hydroleap’s expansion into new Asia-Pacific markets including Australia, Japan, and Indonesia. The company plans to specifically engage firms within the food and beverage, manufacturing, and mining sectors, as well as data centers. Their mission? To revolutionize wastewater treatment efficiency.
In a step further, the firm also intends to tackle the significant challenges posed by the treatment of palm oil mill effluent, a daunting issue in wastewater processing.
Hydroleap’s clientele already boasts of significant names such as Singapore’s Public Utilities Board and Water Agency, Universal Robina Corporation, and CapitaLand. With this new funding, the firm is poised to transform the wastewater treatment landscape across the Asia-Pacific region, aligning economic growth with sustainability.

Lead image courtesy of Hydroleap.