Everyday Changemakers : Join UNLEASH Plus 2021 To Scale Impact

UNLEASH + 2021
Do you have a solution for the SDGs? Join UNLEASH Plus 2021 
UNLEASH is launching the third UNLEASH Plus 2021 co-hosted with UNLEASH’s Lead Scale Partner, Chemonics International. The program enables team to advance from an early prototype to a minimum viable product, and focuses on the sustainability and scalability of the solution through core components of strategy, storytelling, and team effectiveness. Participants learn through tailored online curriculum, interactive workshops, access to world-class experts, and facilitated connections to funders and partners to accelerate the teams’ intended positive impact. This year it is open to people outside of the UNLEASH lab community. 
This is an opportunity to get access to mentors, experts and like-minded youth who wish to change the world as well as potential funding for your solution.


UNLEASH+ is a 6-month pre-acceleration program designed to support teams of 2-4 members with at least one UNLEASH alumnus, having prototyped and tested a solution addressing the SDGs. It provides new tools, support from world-class experts, and access to relevant partners. The program’s goal is that teams design their solutions for scaled impact and successfully bring them to market. It includes three components: 
PART 1 – UNLEASH+ Online: a 14-week online program focusing on the teams driving solutions to address the SDGs, further developing their prototypes, and preparing a full business case to effectively and sustainably reach beneficiaries. 
PART 2 – UNLEASH+ Bootcamp: a 4-day bootcamp (held online this year) with highly tailored support for the teams and the opportunity to pitch to a panel of funders and partners. 
PART 3. UNLEASH+ Connect: support on the next steps after the program, and connections with partner capacity builders and funders to take the solution further.
UNLEASH + 2021 framework
As is the case for the global Innovation Lab, the UNLEASH+ bootcamp, which is normally an in-person component of UNLEASH+, will not be held physically in 2021 due to COVID-19. We are therefore moving the bootcamp online, without compromising on experience, quality, and outcomes.
UNLEASH + 2021 timeline
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UNLEASH Plus is designed for young innovators around the world who are solving problems to achieve the SDGs. Applicants may be social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, or activists who have an early stage solution but seek support to further test, refine, and plan for its launch. Participants do not need to be working on their ventures full-time to qualify for the program. Previous experience participating in UNLEASH programs is beneficial, but it is not required. Applications are open until July 25, 23:59 Pacific time.

Qualifying criteria for UNLEASH Plus include:

  • At least 2 team members in the applying team
  • The majority of team members should be below 35 years of age
  • A tested prototype of a solution
  • Documented feedback, references, or testimonials from early testing with real users
  • Ability to commit at least 4 hours per team per week for program
  • Less than 50,000 USD raised to date
UNLEASH + 2021 why participate
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UNLEASH is a global initiative committed to bringing the world’s top talents together to share ideas, build networks and create solutions to help reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UNLEASH has also been recognised as one of the world’s most influential sustainability brands (Onalytica).