#EmptiesHero Challenge : Latest Campaign Against Fast Beauty and Overconsumption

empties hero challenge
If buying a brand-new one is easy, let’s try something more challenging, to be an #EmptiesHero
The Asia-Pacific Beauty and Personal Care Products Market is growing at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 6.38% over the next 5 years. Along with this,  a significant surge in e-commerce sales is expected to continue accelerating in the country within the post-pandemic world.Despite the explosive growth, many missed that there was another side that was also affected, and that was the potential for increased beauty product packaging waste and consumer overconsumption. 


Excessive consumption habits such as easy to buy and change beauty products just because of trends or discounts lead to accumulation of goods at home and potential environmental problems. Based on the independent survey of Lyfe With Less, a zero-waste community inIndonesia, in 2022, 53% of respondents admitted they always throw empty waste into the trash without being sorted, mixed with household waste. The waste will be transported to the Final Disposal Site and wait for decades to decompose. In the world of environmental issues, we hear a lot about fast fashion, but few know that the beauty industry can become fast beauty, which can be just as disturbing as fast fashion.

#EmptiesHero : It’s Tim to Get Serious About Beauty’s Packaging Problem

Massive spirals of plastic waste swirl through the sea: water bottles, milk cartons, grocery bags, takeout containers. Then there’s shampoo bottles, lipstick tubes, shadow palettes, powder compacts, lotion pumps, and my God, so many razors, and jars that held cushiony creams infused with high-potency vitamin C and low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid.
#EmptiesHero challenge was born out of this. Changemakr Asia, together with Lyfe With Less and Zero Waste Indonesia, invite public in Singapore, Malaysia and ever people to be responsible for consuming their beauty products.. The series of activities for the #Pakai SampaiHabis campaign also includes Empties Hero Talks, which is a series of talks about sustainable beauty. The Empties Hero Talk will also ve held online during the #EmptiesHero campaign.
#EmptiesHero campaign 2022

#EmptiesHero GIF Collections 

In order to boost excitement and drive discovery of #EmptiesHero, a fun range of GIF stickers can be found on Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook Messengers, and GIPHY keyboard (on iMessage). These GIF stickers can be found by searching using different relevant keywords. Here are some:
– EmptiesHero
– Pakai Sampai Habis
– sustainable beauty
Fans and followers also encouraged to use any GIF sticker like when they show off the empty beauty/personal products or join this challenge in any way. 
#EmptiesHero challenge runs from June 1 to August 31, 2022. Participate in the #EmptiesHero challenge and make sustainable beauty happen.

Sustainable beauty cannot be achieved by just one party, To achieve sustainable beauty, both with products and attitudes, consumers, brands, recyclers, communities, and even the government must work together. The #Pakai SampaiHabis and #EmptiesHero campaign are small, real steps toward that dream.

The article was initially published on 15th June 2022. 

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