Discover The Four Giant Recycled Wood Sculptures At Palawan Beach On Sentosa

Recycled wood statues at Palawan Beach / Sentosa
The Explorers of Sentosa, a family of four wooden giants, have landed on Palawan Beach in Sentosa.
On the sunny shores of Sentosa, four giant statues of Danish folklore trolls bask with big teeth and eyes like rugby balls. Created by Copenhagen-based sustainability artist and recycling activist Thomas Dambo, the creatures, known as The Explorers of Sentosa, are made of wooden pallets, crates, and floorboards discarded in Singapore. The sculptures will be in Sentosa until 2024, scattered around Palawan Beach, some requiring hikes into forested areas. After that, they’re free to access.


The Explorers of Sentosa 

Each sculpture took around 700 hours to build and is crafted from approximately 5.5 tonnes of reclaimed wood materials, such as pallets and floorboards, donated by local enterprises. Local volunteers have also accessorized the sculptures with artwork upcycled from discarded plastic waste sourced from Sentosa and other parts of Singapore.
image : Sentosa Development Corporation
Introducing Reef the Chief, a craftsman who recycles plastic trash into treasure. Taking a picture of one of his creations made from discarded plastic.
Recycled wood statues at Palawan Beach / Sentosa
image : Sentosa Development Corporation
Curious Sue, the youngest of the giants, is along the pathway at Palawan Beach. Finding hidden treasure is her passion, and she can often be spotted with a uncovered cargo container.
image : Sentosa Development Corporation
An optimist, Dreamer Dee surrounds himself with nature and loves it.
Image : Sentosa Development Corporation
With Little Lyn, we’re reminded to appreciate nature’s diversity.
Visitors can enjoy this free experiential mixed-media installation along Palawan beach from now till 2025 through an interactive online treasure trail map which provides clues to the locations of the sculptures. Through storytelling and upcycling of materials, Sentosa Development Corporation, as the organizer, hopes to articulate the circular message and raise environmental awareness.