Climate Tech on the Rise: A Deep Dive from the ASEAN Climate Tech Community Meetup

With a central focus on the ASEAN nations of Indonesia and Malaysia, these experts from diverse fields are leveraging their innovative capacity to build a sustainable future.
The inaugural ASEAN Climate Tech Community Series 1, hosted online by Ecoxyztem in collaboration with ECO-S and Daya Selaras Group, has successfully brought together climate technology professionals from across the region. With a central focus on the ASEAN nations of Indonesia and Malaysia, these experts from diverse fields are leveraging their innovative capacity to build a sustainable future.


The inaugural ASEAN Climate Tech Community Series 1

Jonathan Davy, CEO of Ecoxyztem, inaugurated the event, setting the tone for an insightful discussion on the increasingly dynamic climate tech landscape in Southeast Asia. The event was structured around three pivotal climate tech sectors: waste management, clean energy, and food & agriculture technology. This focus on core areas facilitated the attendees, including a wave of startups, to share ideas, breaking traditional business models and delivering sustainable solutions to tackle specific emissions challenges.
The waste management breakout room was the center of attention for a majority of participants. Moderated by Cynthia Handriani Wijaya from Daya Selaras Group, it included industry leaders such as Melissa Yeoh, ESG Associate Director at MAVCAP. The discussion centered on promoting a circular economy, adopting waste-to-energy solutions, and implementing efficient recycling programs to reduce waste generation.
Addressing the critical role of renewable energy, the second breakout room was moderated by Andreas Pandu Wirawan of Ecoxyztem, featuring Amin Shafie, Partner at Asia Greentech Fund. This discussion amplified the importance of transitioning from fossil fuels to clean energy, looking at policy frameworks, investment strategies, and infrastructure development. This complements the fact that opportunities for solar energy investment in Southeast Asia have surpassed $20 billion, inviting companies like MDI Ventures Indonesia to increase their investment in the climate tech sector.
Arya Putra Rizkya Akbar from Ecoxyztem led the final breakout room, which focused on the transformative potential of agritech and alternative protein startups in revolutionizing the food and agriculture sector. David Soukhasing from ANGIN, Melissa Ong from Impact Circle, and Gani Lie from MDI Ventures lent their expertise to the discussion, exploring innovative solutions for reducing food waste, enhancing food security, and promoting sustainable agricultural systems.
As a crucial bridge between investors and startups, Ecoxyztem Venture Builder is playing an instrumental role in offering advisory services, aiding startups to navigate the complex world of investment. In parallel, entities like Impact Circle Malaysia are championing agri-tech startups, and government-backed MDI Ventures Indonesia is accelerating the technology ecosystem through strategic funding.
The event’s successful conclusion underscored the importance of collaborative efforts in combating climate change. With governments, businesses, and investors rallying together, the ASEAN region is increasingly becoming the epicenter of climate tech solutions, catalyzing the transition towards a low-carbon economy. By nurturing startups and facilitating dialogue, this event has contributed significantly to the ASEAN’s journey towards a more resilient, sustainable future.