Climate Startup Week 2023 : Bringing together the climate tech startup ecosystem across the Global South

Climate Startup Week 2023 by Climate Collective
Join the biggest climate tech startup event in Global South !  A three-week experience of 20+ virtual and in-person sessions, focused on addressing climate change through innovation and entrepreneurship. 
Climate Collective is back with Climate Startup Week 2023 – March Edition – the largest climate tech startup event in the Global South,  that brings together a community of climate changemakers committed to transforming the world through innovation.


Climate Startup Week 2023 : Solving climate change – One innovation at a time!

Climate Collective, a leading organization in climate entrepreneurship, is set to host the Climate Startup Week 2023 in India and South Asia. This three-week-long event will showcase the best of climate innovation and entrepreneurship and aims to bring together a diverse range of stakeholders.
With over 20 virtual and in-person sessions, the Climate Startup Week 2023 promises to be a rich and engaging experience. The sessions will be focused on addressing climate change through innovation and entrepreneurship, highlighting the opportunities and challenges that exist in this space.
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Climate In this edition of Climate Startup Week, Climate Collective has arranged a series of in-person networking sessions that will take place in three of the major cities in India : Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. 
These sessions aim to bring together all stakeholders including entrepreneurs, development organisations, corporate innovation networks, investors, mentors, and support organisations.
The Climate Startup Week 2023 is a must-attend event for anyone interested in climate entrepreneurship and innovation in India and South Asia. It promises to be an exciting and informative experience, with a wealth of opportunities for networking and collaboration.