Clean Clothes Campaign : Anti SweatShop Movement Shaping The Future Of Fashion

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Clean Clothes Campaign : Anti SweatShop Movement shaping the future of fashion. Find out more about this global campaign to improve fashion industry. 
The global garment and sportswear industry has a myriad of built-in problems. The garment industry is one of the largest carbon polluters on planet Earth, and one of the greatest producers of waste. Three out of five of the 100 billion garments made in 2018 will end up in landfill within a year. Toxic chemicals land in the environment and worker communities, and the production of cotton uses up vast amounts of water.
Additional to this, in an industry notorious for less-than-decent working conditions, low wages, forced overtime and unsafe conditions, women are often deprived of maternity leave, child care and safe travel to work. These structural violations are made worse by gender based violence.
Unfortunately, hyper-consumerism has only fostered growth for these problems.

Clean Clothes Campaign 

Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC)  is a global network dedicated to improving working conditions and empowering workers in the global garment and sportswear industries. As a grass-roots network of hundreds of organisations and unions, both in garment-producing and in consumer markets, ccc can identify local problems and objectives and transform them into global actions. CCC develops campaign strategies to support workers in achieving their goals. CCC also cooperate extensively with similar labour rights campaigns.

The Principles Of Clean Clothes Campaign’s Work

Since 1989, The Clean Clothes Campaign network works to structurally improve working conditions and support the empowerment of manufacturing workers in the global garment and sportswear industries. Clean Clothes Campaign :
  • Put pressure on companies* and governments to take responsibility to ensure that the rights of manufacturing workers in global supply chains are respected and implemented;
  • Work in solidarity with organised workers in global supply chains fighting for their rights anywhere from the workplace to the global level; and take action on concrete cases of violations of the rights of workers and activists;
  • Raise awareness and mobilise people to undertake individual and collective action (linked to consumption, citizenship, work, investment or other areas of life);
  • Explore judicial mechanisms and lobby for legislation to protect workers’ rights and hold companies accountable;
  • Promote public and private procurement that ensures workers’ rights are respected in the production process;
  • Work together to develop our own network and strengthen the global alliance for workers’ rights.
*The terms “company” refers to all companies that we hold responsible for working conditions and workers’ rights in garment and sportswear supply chains including global garment and sportswear brands, retailers, agents, global and national manufactures and sub-contractors. 

Get Involved 

There are many ways to help the fight for better condition for garment workers. 
Help spread the word, amplify  their message or ask your own critical questions of brands. Some of their campaign hashtags :
Clean Clothes Campaign  can be found at the following places:
Read about Clean Clothes Campaign Whistleblower statement here 

Current Campaigns and Petitions : 

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