Circular Cities Asia’s Campus Programme Introduces Circular Innovation To Campuses

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Join the competition to transition to circular models on campus and beyond. 
ASince 2021, Circular Cities Asia has offered applied learning opportunities to university students and alumni focused on the intersection of circularity and innovation.
In September, Circular Cities Asia will be running the Circular Campus Programme for the third time! We will bring together higher education institutions from the Philippines and Vietnam for this offering to explore how combining circular economy principles, lean innovation, design thinking, and systems thinking can help universities and communities become ecologically sustainable, highly liveable, and resilient ecosystems.


The Circular Campus Programme 2022

The Circular Campus Programme has been designed to support universities on their zero waste journey. Circula Cities Asia will introduce you to our approach to circularity in the urban context—combining circular economy principles, lean innovation, design thinking, and systems thinking to foster new ideas and solutions that reimagine university campuses as ecologically sustainable, highly liveable and resilient ecosystems.
You’ll benefit from Circular Cities Asia’s combined years of learning, gathered from observing and working with early-stage innovators and start-ups that focus on the domains of smart cities, renewable energy, cleantech, urban food systems and sustainability.
As part of this programme, students will have the opportunity to participate in a circular innovation competition to find scalable solutions for problems on or near campus. Circular Cities Asia will guide participants through the circular innovation process to come up with a circular idea for the competition. The teams don’t need to have a working prototype or a financial forecast. We’re looking for ideas with the highest potential to bring circularity to universities and beyond. We encourage teams to submit an idea for a solution to resource waste issues they see on or near their campus.
The Circular Campus Programme is run by Circular Cities Asia, with the support and expertise of our founding sponsor, RENERGii Asia. The programme is also supported by the Regional Project Energy Security and Climate Change Asia-Pacific (RECAP) of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) foundation.

Benefits of Participation

Innovation Competition
  • Introduces students to :
    • circular economy principles
    • innovation frameworks and concepts
    • the experience of open innovation competitions 
  • Identifies innovations that can have a positive impact on circularity and sustainability on campus and beyond
  • Encourages the opportunity for new innovations to be tested and piloted one campus and across partner universities 
  • Identifies innovations that can be scaled and accelerated 
The Careers and Industry Insights 
  • Encourages students to think about sustainability issues and consider this in their career path 
  • Gives students and academic insights into the future of work in relation to sustainability 
  • Teaches students about opportunities that the circular economy presents from an entrepreneurial and economic 
Sustainability and Circularityon Campus  
  • Builds awareness among university students, faculty and staff on the topic of circular innovation and sustainability on campus 
  • Encourages the development of academic content to support career growth and innovation in the transition toward a circular economy


Circular Cities Asia's Campus Programme Introduces Circular Innovation To Campuses

Participating Universities

Bataan Peninsula State University, Philippines
Central Philippine University, Philippines

University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines

Adamson University, Philippines
Ateneo de Naga University, Philippines

Ateneo de Manila University, Phillippines

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Vietnam

Academy of Policy and Development, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance, Vietnam

Vietnamese-German University, Vietnam

University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam


Who can attend the programme sessions and join the innovation competition: 
Any individual aged 18 and above, who is a recent alumni or currently enrolled as a student at a tertiary institution registered for the programme. 
If you’re a student or alumni of one of the institutions mentioned above, make sure to fill out the registration form by September 21st!*

About Circular Cities Asia

Circular Cities Asia (CCAsia) is a purpose led organisation building a community that accelerates circular innovation in Asian cities. We believe that innovation is key to accelerating the circular economy. We look for small ecosystems that mirror the life of larger cities, where innovators can test circular economy business models and prepare to scale them. Our ultimate mission is to build a bottom up innovation movement to redesign linear economic models and encourage young innovators to develop sustainable, circular products or solutions to environmental waste issues.
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