Call For Mentors : 2023 YSEALI Women’s Leadership Academy

women leaders in climate action
In the climate action, female roles are essential. It’s time to #risetogether. 
Wedu Global is pleased to host the ninth U.S. – ASEAN Women’s Leadership Academy for youth from Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste, and Vietnam. Young women between the ages of 22 and 35 will be brought together for this fully funded workshop.


2023 YSEALI Women’s Leadership Academy

The four-day Leadership Academy aims to empower and advance emerging women leaders to address the climate and environmental crises (E4): Environment, Ecology, Energy, and Equity. The programme will also include leadership training and strength assessments; sessions on climate resilience and environmental issues; and networking opportunities and mentorship with leaders from the region and the United States to foster cross-cultural exchange and increase areas and scope of impact in the domain of climate resilience.
Call For Mentors : 2023 YSEALI Women's Leadership Academy
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  • At least 25 years old and above;
  • Strong preference for citizens and/or residents ofSoutheast Asian countries, and professionals
  • having work experience in the Southeast Asian context;
  • Have at least 5 years of work experience, preferly in the Southeast Asian region with a few years of experience working in climate/ environmental resilience. This includes professionals working in: Climate resilience, Climate adaptation, Sustainable energy, Sustainable agriculture, Organic farming / nutrition, Biodiversity management, Forests & wildlife, Water security / reducing harmful pollutants (such as microplastics), Mitigation of air pollution, etc.
As a Wedu Mentor, you commit to
  • Meeting online at least twice per month, via Skype or other platform – this means that you and your mentee can be based anywhere in the world;
  • Dedicating 3 to 6 hours every month, for a minimum of 8 months – this fosters a long-term meaningful relationship with the achievement of her short and long-term goals in mind;
  • Utilising our Leadership Development curriculum, resources, and team support to discuss valuable leadership topics and opportunities for growth with your mentee; and
  • Providing your mentee with the guidance to think critically about her ideas and goals, while sharing your own experience and learnings along the way.
The application process is on a rolling basis, but the application deadline is 15th January 2023. All genders and nationalities are welcomed. Upon reviewing your application, we will contact you.
For questions, write to [email protected] (Please select YSEALI Women’s Leadership Academy 2023 Mentorship Programme for the section: Which Wedu programme are you applying to be a Mentor for?)
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