Call For Applications : Earth Company Impact Hero 2022

impact hero 2022
Applications call for Earth Company Impact Hero 2022
Are you a visionary leader driven by bottomless passion and resolute determination to make transformative changes to the communities you serve in the Asia-Pacific region? 



Earth Company is calling for applications for Impact Hero 2022! We select one exceptional change-maker in the Asia-Pacific per year and provide three-year customized support including fundraising (minimum US$100k), marketing support, management consulting, etc.
Just like their predecessors – Bella Galhos, Robin Lim, Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner and Wai Wai Nu – our Impact Heroes are visionary leaders that are driven by bottomless passion and resolute determination to make transformative changes to the communities they serve. They are not only role models for the next generations,  but also have the innate ability to inspire the world.
Through their work, they aim to achieve paradigm shifts and carve out new, inclusive pathways that truly leave nobody behind and build a regenerative, sustainable future. This approach differs greatly from mere imitations of today’s advanced countries that face their share of social and environmental challenges.


ApIn the pursuit of prosperity and growth, humanity has unintentionally created many issues that are now posing a threat to our own lives. Indeed, we are the last generation that can save our future before it’s too late. Due to this, The world needs more change-makers who can not only resolve these issues but build a regenerative future that does not generate them in the first place. Due to this,  Earth Company selects one Impact Hero a year– a one-of-a-kind change-maker that is capable of transforming the future of developing countries in the Asia-Pacific.
impact hero Qualities
image : Earth Company


Applicants should meet the minimum requirements below to apply for the Impact Hero program; those applicants who do not satisfy all these eligibility criteria would not be shortlisted.
  • be aligned with the vision and values of Earth Company.
  • tackle some of the most urgent social and environmental problems in the developing countries of the Asia Pacific region.
  • have innovative solutions that lead to deep (or meaningful/life-changing) impact to a wide range of stakeholders.
  • serve on the leadership team of a social-purpose organization.
  • be committed to the cause of the program long-term.
  • devote a considerable amount of time to work with Earth Company’s support team, and
  • have the ability to regularly communicate with the Earth Company team in English by email and online calls.
Note : Earth Company takes into account the number of years in operation, organisational development, sectoral focus, nationality, age, gender, academic credentials. hence, for-profit and non-profit organisations – and everything in between, are eligible.  


Earth Company All the applications are carefully reviewed by the Earth Company team. In addition to the Eligibility Criteria, it assesses the candidates’ match with respect to the IH 7 Qualities and its program, as well as their momentum for growth. 


You can complete the requirements of the application and submit it online. Please submit the following : 
1. Application Form
2. A video statement (up to 1 min long) answering the following question : why should you be Earth Company’s next Impact Hero ? In your video, tell EC your story and convince it. 
Impact Hero Timeline
image : Earth Company


Application deadline: September 7 2021 (11:59 JST/UCT)
Contacting shortlisted candidates and scheduling and conducting interviews: October 6, 2021
Notification of final decision: Early November 2021
Announcement of Impact Hero 2021 finalists: 19 December 2021
Eligible regions: Developing countries in the Asia-Pacific
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