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Anarde Foundation registered as a charitable trust on 1st April 1979, 40 years ago, we’re now in 2019.
An NGO with a strong focus on rural development, the objective is to EMPOWER rural India. Anarde Foundation has a proven track record of four decades of dedicated work for villages in Gujarat and Maharashtra.
Almost 70 % of the Indian population resides in rural areas. The tremendous potential of these villages is often neglected and thereby underutilised. Low economic activity leads to low standards of living and a difficult life. Cities provide the more attraction option leading to out migration from villages. The intention is to arrest such mass migration and improve living to a level where people will stay back and build satisfying lives in the villages. Through our work we aim to develop villages holistically, implementing sustainable solutions and thus giving people a reason continue to live in the villages.
Our key focus areas are:
1. Water: Clean Drinking Water, Water Conservation, Water Management,
2. Low Cost Infrastructure: Sanitation & Wastewater Treatment and Housing for Individuals, Schools and Communities
3. Financial Inclusion: Skill Development, Livelihood Training through SHGs, Micro-credit for Women, Youth and Farmers
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