Asia EV Technology Summit 2023: Exploring the Exciting Future of EV Ecosystem in Indonesia

Asia EV Leadership Summit 2023
Rev Up Your Knowledge at the 2023 Indonesia EV Summit: Exploring the Exciting Future of Electric Vehicles in Asia’s Thriving Automotive Industry.
The Asia EV Technology Summit Indonesia 2023 showcased the exciting potential of the electric vehicle (EV) industry in Indonesia. Held at the Holiday Inn Hotel Kemayoran, ESCOM hosted a range of corporations, organizations, and individuals who shared their knowledge and enthusiasm for the development of EVs across Asia. From DHL and Quantel to Solacharge and Zeiss, participants connected with like-minded individuals for the betterment of our future.


The event was divided into three different ballrooms, with ballroom A and C being utilized for seminars and panel discussions that delegates and participants alike could attend. The day was divided into different schedule groups: AM and PM, with ballroom B placed in the middle as a break room and networking area. DHL, Plugzio, Resilience Development Initiative, and more, adorned the room with booths of their own, each promoting products of their own.

EV Market Potential and Manufacturing

The EV market and long-term investment in the industry topics  were delivered through a couple of presentations brought by Rajat Agarwal as Partner and Co-Leader of Energy and Sustainability in Indonesia at McKinsey and Co., and Insan Ridho as the Head of Fleet and Department at Transjakarta. A panel discussion was also conducted, as Roman Nidielka (CEO/Founder Charge Indonesia), Niko Questera (Quest Motors), and Ahmad Syamsura (DHLE Ground Operation Senior Manager) discussed the process, progress, and challenges the EV industry faces across Southeast Asia, specifically Indonesia, led by Satya Hangga Yudha Widya Putra as Co-Founder of Indonesian Energy & Environmental mediator.
After a break, participants reconvened to discuss the supply chain process as well as Indonesia’s potential in EV production. Lishia Erza (Deputy Head at International Industry Access at Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN)) and Audrey Gerard (Vice President, Auto-Mobility Sector, Asia Pacific, Customer Solutions & Innovations at DHL) presented on this topic. The event continued in ballroom A with more presentations and panel discussions on topics ranging from EV manufacturing and quality control to EV digital transformation and the growth of the electric vehicle and sustainable energy industry in Indonesia. 

Developing Technology of Quality

During the conference, Ballroom C was dedicated to exploring the latest EV technologies and infrastructure. The morning session featured notable speakers such as Indra Darmawan, Deputy Minister for Investment Planning at the Ministry of Investment, Rajdave Sidhu, Regional Product Sales Manager (Southeast Asia) at Zeiss, and Johnson Hsu, Product Marketing Supervisor at Quantel. They delved into new battery innovations, as well as quality control and assurance for batteries used in EVs. Septriawan Rahmat, CEO and Chief Engineer at ALVA, also shared insights on the growing interest and trends in two-wheeled EVs. The session culminated in a panel discussion on EV battery innovation and production, as well as the road to achieving a carbon-neutral environment.
During the afternoon session at Ballroom C, Ahmad Rofiqi from Perklindo discussed advanced driver assistance solutions, followed by a panel discussion with representatives from Smoot Motor Indonesia, UMG Idealab, Indosat, and ECGO EV Moto. The event wrapped up with a discussion on EV infrastructure, including topics such as its development, importance, and government support and policy.
Throughout the event, several recurring messages resonated with the attendees. One key message was that Indonesia is endowed with abundant natural resources, including nickel, which can be leveraged to develop superior technology while also promoting environmental conservation. Another critical takeaway was that despite Indonesia’s small market share in the electric vehicle industry, the country boasts the highest growth and potential for electric vehicles of any kind.
The demand for EVs in Indonesia has been on the rise this year, signaling a promising future for the industry in the country. With government support and increasing consumer interest, Indonesia has a unique opportunity to invest in electric vehicles of all types, creating a more sustainable and prosperous future. 
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