APAC Hotels Falling Behind in Food Waste Prevention Effort, Report Finds

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APAC Hotels Urged to Ramp Up Efforts in Food Waste Reduction.
Greenview and Horwath HTL recently published the annual Asia Pacific Sustainability Trends 2022 report, marking its seventh year of publication. This year’s report emerges from the comprehensive 2022 Horwath HTL Asia Pacific Hotel Industry survey, showcasing the sustainability strides and utility data for the year 2021 from 2,586 hotels across 15 countries. By comparing this data against a 2019 baseline, the report sheds light on the shifts in energy and water usage and costs across different countries and service types, highlighting the industry’s adaptation pre and post-pandemic.


Asia Pacific: Hotel Sustainability Trends 2022

The survey also delves into the sustainability practices adopted by hotels to gauge their implementation at the national level. Such insights underscore the importance of widespread awareness and the global scaling of solutions to foster further progress in the region. The report stands committed to aiding the hotel industry’s journey towards sustainability, offering this report as a tool for hoteliers to gauge their sustainability performance in alignment with global benchmarks such as the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking study, the Green Lodging Trends Report, and the Greenview Hotel Footprinting Tool.
Asia Pacific: Hotel Sustainability Trends 2022
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A critical finding from the Horwath HTL Asia Pacific’s Sustainability Trends Report points to a significant gap in food waste prevention strategies among APAC hotels, trailing the global average. This oversight represents not only a hurdle to our collective march towards sustainability but also a tangible loss in financial efficiency. By prioritizing food waste reduction, APAC hotels have a golden opportunity to steer towards a greener future while also enhancing their financial health.

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