Put a Green Spin on Your Red Envelope with Left-handesign Angbao Collections

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A Green Spin on Your Red Envelope with Left-handesign Angbao collections
According to The National Environment Agency’s, in 2019 about 7.23 million tonnes of solid waste was generated, of which only 4.25 million tonnes were recycled. The overall recycling rate.  Singapore’s overall recycling rate has been sticking at about 60 per cent in recent years despite proactive attempts to improve the situation (source : Channel News Asia).
Excessive packaging comes in all forms ; whether as snacks sold at the supermarket, or as red envelopes / angbao  we give during this festive season.  Red envelopes are the most festive part of the celebrations! However red envelopes are rarely recycled or reused.
One ways you can have a more sustainable Lunar New Year is by putting a green spin on your red envelope !

Plantable Angbaos & Gifting Series From Left-handesign

Wouldn’t it be cool if your  loved ones could plant your angbaos ? Well, these red envelopes from Left-handesign are made with biodegradable paper and embedded with seeds.
Aside from their abundance angbao collections, Left-handesign also have plantable series called BĪJ a Sanskrit word that means Seed; includes pencils, pens, notebooks, and gift tags which you can Plant into an herb like tomato, chili, marigold, tulsi (indian basil), spinach, okra, morning glory, mustard seeds.
Left-handesign Bij plantable stationeries
Write and grow with Bij plantable pencils (image : Left-handesign SG)

A New Lease of Life 

Once they have reached the end of their life you can plant them and see them bloom into beautiful flowers and herbs. The same is with the notebooks and stationeries made from seed paper. The seeds in the stationery will then germinate giving birth to tiny green plants when looked after properly. This means nothing ends up in the landfills
Left-handesign How to Plant Guide
(image : Left-handesign)
Going zero waste is a journey. You can start with small changes for a more environmentally-friendly one! In this upcoming Year of the Ox, let’s make our world (and our celebration) slightly more sustainable!
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Left-Handesign is Singapore’s first plantable and sustainable stationery & lifestyle brand that aims to encourage eco-friendly gifting. This way, we can all spread happiness and love to our friends and family, while keeping our environment in mind at the same time!