Pandemic Waste : How You Can Make A Difference

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As our everyday lives have come to a standstill due to covid-19 pandemic, the global climate fight faces a major challenge :  pandemic waste. 
It’s not a pleasing sight. It seems like only yesterday we were rejoicing about the skies clearing up because of global lockdown, but now it seems that we are staring in the face of a new kind of enemy to the oceans. ⁠The Pandemic waste.

Pandemic Waste  

Thanks to the covid-19 pandemic, many plastic reduction efforts around the world have stalled, resulting in major issue of plastic waste around the world. While initial response to the pandemic certainly caused waste, the future could be different. 
With the planet recuperating as the world has been forced to hit “pause”, we have the opportunity to build on this momentum to introduce more sustainable habits. Discover how small changes can hep solve problem associated with Covid-19 pandemic :  

On Yourself   

Fact : Getting ourselves and other masks has save countless lives. But the surge in the use of disposable masks and gloves lead to a growing environmental issues.Experts now estimate that every month, 129 billion single-used face masks are disposed of globally (source : Straits Times). Similarly, pandemic related gear like gloves is hurting sea life. 
  • Wear reusable masks. When you choose reusable masks, you will only make the purchase once , hence reducing the number of shopping trips to buy masks and lessen a change of contracting the illness
  • Opt out for gloves and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Staying home are widely considered the most effective ways to stop the spread, and second, because we need to reserve those medical supplies for healthcare workers. win, win ! 
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At Your Desk    

Fact : Remote work experience is the new norm for most part of the world. While many daily commute have been eliminated and office energy consumption has reduced, other environmental impacts remains. 
  • Audit  the energy consumption from your  WFH arrangements :turn off you IT equipment (including VPN) as soon as you are not using it.
  • Open windows for some fresh air and breeze. Turn on a fan instead of the air-conditioning
  • Set desk to make the most of natural light to reduce electricity use
  • Replace energy-efficient device with latest green technology alternatives (i.e. LED lights, 5 and 6 star-rated fridges, efficient water heaters)
  • Skip the purchase of new IT equipments, and stick with the essential ones. Remember,only 13 per cent of old tech devices got recycled properly.  

In Your Kitchen     

Fact : As most of us staying at home, the amount of waste collected from each household is overwhelming. A surge in food delivery and takeaways orders as well as online shopping have drastically increased the amount of waste collected from each household. 
  • Cook at home can help reducing the plastic waste from food deliveries and takeaways  Cook at home
  • Invest in solutions that can help produce fresh for longer, hence you can help reduce the number of times you need to go out to supermarket and further hep reduce the spread of covid-19
  • Grow some veggies in your window bay or balcony. this allows you to create your own micro-closed loop food system (organic waste – compost – home grown veggies – plate). 
There are many ways for each of us to make a difference, no matter how small it is. One step at a time. 
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