Food Waste Adventures : School Holiday Camp
09:00 to 12:00 - June 12, 2021
Ever wonder what it takes for that bowl of rice to end up on your table? And what happens when you throw it in the garbage? The journey of food waste begins long before your plate reaches you, and ends way after you throw your leftovers away! 🍲
This June holiday, go on a journey where we follow our food as it’s produced through the hard work of farmers on the field, and where it ends up if we waste it through interactive videos, games, storytelling and experiential learning.
Greenology Academy Programme
image : Greenology Academy
All participants walk away with a rice seed kit to kickstart your rice-growing journey, a self-watering planter, an Earth Hero badge, stickers and more.
🗓️12 June 2021 (Saturday)
📍online via zoom
 💸 course fee : $55 per participant
Register now via the QR code or via (Link in bio)
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