Fashion Swap! CNY edition at Crane
January 30, 2022 - January 31, 2022

Happy 2022 and happy lunar new year!
Cloop will be popping up at Crane for a CNY edition on 29-30 Jan, 12pm-6pm

Time slots available for the weekend (10 pax each slot):

Slot A : 12pm – 2pm (Sat FULL, Sun FULL)
Slot B : 1pm – 3pm (Sat FULL, Sun AVAILABLE)
Slot C : 2pm – 4pm (Sat FULL, Sun FULL)
Slot D : 3pm – 5pm (Sat FULL, Sun AVAILABLE)
Slot E : 4pm – 6pm (Sat FULL, Sun AVAILABLE)

Bring 5-10 good condition, clean, wearable women’s fashion items (clothes, shoes, bags, accessories) to swap for up to 10 pieces at $35. Sign up to come swap together with a friend at $30 each (only one person need to sign up). Part of the proceeds goes to an adopted charity.

You can take home more items (max 10) than you bring (min 5).
You can bring home more than 10 pieces at $10 each. ie: 11th item will be at $10 each.

Help spread the love and see you real soon!
Jasmine & Yin

CRANE – 46 Kim Yam Road, The Herencia, Singapore 239351
Patrons have to be fully vaxxed to enter and participate in this event.

p.s. The racks will be replenished constantly throughout the day and there will be fresh loots on Sunday!

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